Wearable Tech that image the body for Cancer



Cancer Detecting Clothing, has a patent pending wearable technology, that scans and image the human body for Cancer,  Pneumonia and other health problems.

We make it as easy as putting on clothes and opening an app on your phone to scan yourself for Cancer, Pneumonia and image your internal body, know your body fat percentage and the location of fat in your body and other medical issues.

Our goal is to save lives, improve health outcomes, wall lower health care cost, through early detection and monitoring.

unlimited monthly scanning and monitoring for a small fee.

This is how it works you put on a shirt or underwear open an app on your phone it connects to the cloud, it scans your body for cancer, pneumonia and returns a three-dimensional image of your internal body its like an MRI on your phone.

This wearable technology will save your life and lower your insurance premiums.

Ask about the onesies for the baby’s. One of the leading cause of childhood death is pneumonia our wearable technology can detect this disease and lead to an early treatment and save the live of children all over the world.